John Calvin on Jeremiah 32:40…

  “A question may, however, be here raised: we see that the faithful often stumble, not ten times during life, but every day: how then is this, that where God’s Spirit works, his efficacy is such that men never turn aside from the right way? Were any to answer, that the faithful indeed stumble, but... Continue Reading →

A Helpful Response to Beth Moore…

  The following is a Twitter response to Beth Moore’s recent comments concerning Mother's Day. It needs to be said that I disagree with Beth Moore on many things. However, I’m sharing this response because it’s graceful, helpful, and attempts to offer encouragement to an approach to worship that is not a Biblical one. Tom here... Continue Reading →

“Every time a Christian takes the cup…”

“...every time a Christian takes the cup which Christ Himself identified as ‘the new covenant in My blood,’ he is saying, ‘I have a part in the New Covenant, in its blessings, in its rules, in it as the Constitution of Christ’s Church.’”   

From Paedobaptist to Credobaptist…

  A few days ago a brother on Twitter asked a question concerning a Tweet I had recently posted. The Tweet was of a Reformed Baptist pastor exegeting Acts 2:38-39, found here. These verses are one of several places in the New Testament where my paedobaptist brethren claim support the infant baptism tradition.    ... Continue Reading →

Reformed Baptist Covenant Theology…

    If interested in learning Covenant Theology from a Reformed Baptist perspective this 5-part series is a great listen! Brandon Adams joins the Reformed NorthWest Podcast to discuss 1689 Federalism. Topics covered are the Covenant of Works, Getting the Garden Right, the Noahic, Abrahamic, Mosaic, and Davidic Covenants, as well as the Covenant of Grace,... Continue Reading →

So, What’s New?

  As I began my study of Covenant Theology many things stuck out to me as I read through the different Reformed Confessions. I will write about one of these things here today, which is the claim that the New Covenant is not really new at all. The idea is that the New Covenant prophesied... Continue Reading →

“John Owen, Baptism, and the Baptists”

  Dr. Crawford Gribben is a professor of Early Modern Baptist History at Queen’s University Belfast, as well as a visiting professor of church history at the new Institute of Reformed Baptist Studies (IRBS) Seminary opening this Fall in Mansfield, Texas. Dr. Gribben has written an excellent article concerning John Owen and what seems to... Continue Reading →

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