“John Owen, Baptism, and the Baptists”

  Dr. Crawford Gribben is a professor of Early Modern Baptist History at Queen’s University Belfast, as well as a visiting professor of church history at the new Institute of Reformed Baptist Studies (IRBS) Seminary opening this Fall in Mansfield, Texas. Dr. Gribben has written an excellent article concerning John Owen and what seems to... Continue Reading →

1689 Federalism vs Westminster Federalism?

  I enjoyed listening to a good podcast last night where two different podcasts joined forces for an evening of Covenant Theology. Justin and Brandon of The Two Thieves podcast joined Dale and Drew of the According to Christ podcast to continue an ongoing discussion into 1689 Federalism, and contrasting it with Westminster Federalism. If... Continue Reading →

“2,000 Years!”

  As I began my study into Covenant Theology, I was often reminded of the “2,000 years” argument from my P&R brethren. Some background... Upon leaving the Marine Corps in 2012, I soon found myself sitting in a classroom at a liberal Christian University, and a pastor at a seeker-sensitive church in Southern California. After... Continue Reading →

Pink and “The Divine Covenants”

  Pink concerning the election of Abraham... “There was nothing whatever, then, in the object of the divine choice to commend him unto God, nothing in Abraham that merited His esteem. No, the cause of election is always to be traced to the discriminating will of God; for election itself is ‘of Grace’ (Rom. 11:5)... Continue Reading →

“God’s Foreknowledge Cannot Mean Foreseeing.”

  Vos, commenting on Romans 8:28-29 says: “Now one may wonder whether anything still remains of this beautiful argument and this natural tie, if one is forced to give “foreknowledge” the meaning of “foreseeing.” Then everything becomes unintelligible and artificial. The divine act that stands at the beginning of the entire sequence then becomes something... Continue Reading →

J.C. Ryle on John 6:37…

    “We learn from these words the great and deep truth of God’s election and appointment to eternal life of a people out of this world. The Father from all eternity has given to the Son a people to be His own peculiar people. The saints are given to Christ by the Father as... Continue Reading →

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