“On Being Reformed”

"We would rather be considered not Reformed and insist that men ought not to kill heretics, than that we are left with the Reformed name as the prize for assisting in the shedding of the blood of heretics." ~ Abraham Kuyper "If the Reformed confessions are the normative interpretation of the Scriptures, it would seem... Continue Reading →

John Stott on Proclamation and Appeal…

  “The second lesson we must learn from this Biblical coupling together of proclamation and appeal is the complementary one: we must never make the proclamation without then issuing an appeal. If one had to choose between the two, I would rather have the proclamation than the appeal, but fortunately we are not faced with... Continue Reading →

Concerning Regeneration…

  Alistair Begg is the pastor of Parkside Church in Cleveland, Ohio. Here he provides an encouraging perspective on the doctrine of regeneration.  What is the work of the Spirit of God?  It is to accomplish what cannot be accomplished in any other way, by any other root.  The Bible is so clear on this,... Continue Reading →

Carl Trueman on Creeds & Confessions…

  “I do want to make the point here that Christians are not divided between those who have creeds and confessions and these who do not; rather, they are divided between those who have public creeds and confessions that are written down and exist as public documents, subject to public scrutiny, evaluation, and critique, and... Continue Reading →

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