A Quick Note on Anxiety, Depression, and the Like…

There are many suffering today, or who are no longer with us because they allegedly *choose to struggle with depression, anxiety, or the like. The solution? They were simply given a Bible and told that they were in sin and needed to address it. We can often paint these things with such a broad stroke that it can be unhelpful, hurtful, and cause much pain for believers. While at their root these things are the cause of living in a fallen world, yet, that doesn’t mean that one battling daily with them are *in sin themselves.

These broad strokes place such a burden on the people of God, as it points them inwardly to their *alleged weakness, sin, excuses for sin, etc., and then points them outwardly to the *alleged strength, faithfulness, and holiness of believers who don’t share these struggles with them. These broad strokes often ignore the whole counsel of God, tear down the brethren, and build up none other than the one who diagnoses the brethren while having a puffed up chest and a proud heart.

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