I seen this on Facebook and thought I would share it here. Obviously this was done in jest towards our paedobaptist brethren, but it does bring up a really good point. Why are they not consistent here? If they give the sacrament of Baptism to their infant children, then treat them as a Christian, and consider them as members of the New Covenant, why not remain consistent here by allowing them to also partake of the Lords Supper?

As a Particlar Baptist, I would argue that we got this right centuries ago. We are consistent with both New Covenant sacraments as we give them both to those who repent of their sins and profess faith in Christ. Now, I am aware that my paedobaptist friends have a response to this (or many). And although I disagree with both their practice of this, as well as their excuse for why they exercise it, I wanted to share it here to get others thinking about their own theology. Many times we are not fully aware of how our own theology play’s itself out to it’s full conclusion. It was this way for me at least as an Arminian. It wasn’t until my tradition was challenged that I actually stopped being lazy and studied the scriptures to see that it was so. It was only then that I realized I was being inconsistent.

This is not say that my Arminian brothers & sisters in Christ aren’t convicted by the scriptures concerning their tradition. Neither am I making this same claim about the P&R crowd. That would be ridiculous. But I enjoy challenging others and the traditions we hold so near and dear to our hearts. Usually this results in one of two ways; either your faith in your tradition is strengthened as you see it clearly in the scriptures, or you find out your tradition is just that; a tradition.


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