From Paedobaptist to Credobaptist…



A few days ago a brother on Twitter asked a question concerning a Tweet I had recently posted. The Tweet was of a Reformed Baptist pastor exegeting Acts 2:38-39, found here. These verses are one of several places in the New Testament where my paedobaptist brethren claim support the infant baptism tradition.




I responded by giving him exactly what he wanted. This same Reformed Baptist pastor just so happened to record a 3-part series describing his conversion form paedobaptism to credobaptism last year.

Mark Hogan is the pastor of Pilgrim Reformed Baptist Church in Valley City, North Dakota. Pilgrims RB church is an ARBCA churchplant that was recently recognized at the Associations General Assembly held in Fargo, ND. A graduate of Westminster Seminary, California., pastor Mark entered seminary a lifelong Paedobaptist, only to graduate a fully conviced Reformed Baptist. Lucky for us pastor Mark shares this story with pastor Joe Anady of Hemet, California.



Pastor Mark Hogan Interview: Episode 1

Pastor Mark Hogan Interview: Episode 2

Pastor Mark Hogan Interview: Episode 3

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